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a message from pastor john


Dear Morrow Family,

“We live in strange times,” the late Douglas Adams once said. Our current pandemic has shaken our daily schedules to their cores and left us a bit scared and aimless. Yes, we had to abide by the wishes of our local officials and the CDC and cancel communal worship for March 15, but that doesn’t mean we are no longer a church of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t mean we give up and stop being Christians to each other and our communities. 

We met as a Session last night, and I want to communicate what your leaders have decided for the near future at Morrow.  

  • We      will not have communal worship at the church on March 22 or March 29. However, we are having virtual church      via Facebook. Most people have      accounts, so on Sunday, March 22 at 11:00 a.m. tune in to the      Morrow Presbyterian Church Facebook page, and we will come together to      worship our God. 
  • The      office will be open during our normal business hours – Dianne and I aren’t      going anywhere, as we can help it. Be      in communication with us as need be.  
  • Even      while we are not meeting together, most of our financial needs will not go      away.  We ask you to please keep giving.  We are still committed to taking care of      our staff, our missions, and our ministries.  One way to send your donation      is to mail it to the church (make sure you use the following: PO Box 316,      Morrow, GA 30260). Another is to      set up an option through your bank account’s website. Many of us know how to do this, since we      pay monthly bills this way. Set up      the line item by typing in “Morrow Presbyterian Church”, the address above,      and the amount you usually donate. Your bank will send it on the date you assign.
  • We      know that certain program have been put on hold, but they have not been cancelled. There is the Kids’ Club Spring program, Etiquette classes, Dance      Class, and Communicant Class, to name a few. They are only delayed, and we desire to      come back to them as soon as we can open the church to one and all. We will keep everyone informed. 
  • We      want to stay connected even as we are not meeting in person during this      time, so your Elders will continue with their Elder Care duties. I will contact people along the way to      see how they are doing. 
  • In      Canada they say there is an outbreak of “Caremongering,” which involves      people sharing kindness to everybody they can (the elderly, the sick, the      mothers with young children, etc.). It may not come in the form of physical contact, but we still have      phones, text messages, emails, and videotelephoning to keep us      connected. Please use those means      to reach out to others and see how they are faring. If necessary, pray with those people,      knowing that God can hear us even through the digital ether.
  • If      you have prayer requests, please call the office or click
  • Along      with the devotional I sent out as a supplemental for last Sunday’s      worship, I give you two other passages to consider: Psalm 91 and 145. May these words from Scripture give you courage      and peace. 

It is during such strange times that we realize the church is not a building. It never was. It is and always has been the people who make us the Body of Christ. We are the Church. We are people of faith and we hold on to Jesus Christ as our Savior and Guide. Be the Church in these coming days. Reflect Christ whether we are together or apart. 

Pastor John

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