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Giving Online to Morrow Church, made easy!

There are many ways to donate money to our wonderful church, including over the Internet.  If you like to do your banking online, you can set up Morrow Church as a payee.  Your tithe will go directly from your account to the church easily and securely.

Here’s how to do it:

Log in to your account and find the tab that directs you to Payees (it might say Bill Pay). 

Add a new payee to your list, typing “Morrow Presbyterian Church” manually. 

Enter the address which is “6171 Huie Drive, PO Box 316, Morrow, GA 30260” in the appropriate boxes. 

Enter the church phone number as 770-961-5444, and tell your bank that you don’t have an account number (you would normally enter an account number, if you pay utility and insurance bills). 

Click the icon that tells you to save the information, and you are finished!

You may donate monies every time you visit your bank account online, or you may set up a regular weekly or monthly tithe that sends Morrow Church donations automatically.  In either case, monies go directly from your account to our account.  We receive 100% of what you send.

Go ahead and visit your account now, if you haven’t already created a payee list.  Donating online is a convenient way to tithe to our church, especially if you know you are going to miss a Sunday or two.  We thank you for your commitment to Morrow Church with all treasures, talents, and time.

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